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  • "Easy Peasy #2" Encaustic Mixed Media

Encaustic Mixed Media Painting "Easy Peasy #2"


Encaustic Mixed Media "Easy Peasy #2"

Title:  "Easy Peasy #1"

9"x12" Encaustic Mixed Media on Paper then Embedded on Canvas

Artist:  Kimberly J. Franklin

Painting Inspiration

"Easy Peasy" was created with a playful, whimsical idea in mind.  Bright colors were used and a literal "pea pod" theme was created.  Kimberly Franklin has always had an interested in the concept of vessels, as vessels are a recurring theme in our lives from birth until death.  In this case, the literal pods are fun and convey multiple images triggering different feelings.  The colors are light-hearted and warm to ensure pleasant images are evoked.  Read the Artist Biography and Artist Statement for more discussion on Vessels and Kimberly's inspiration.  


Kimberly works in several mediums, and she likes creating in multiple layers to add depth and richess.   This painting is made by creating layers of medium in three different media.  First, encautic paint is used on paper, but in limited amounts.  Encaustic is an ancient painting medium of hot wax and pigment that is "burned into" its grounds with either a heat gun or blow torch.  The word encaustic is derived from from the Greek word enkaustikos which means "to burn in," and heat is required for a painting to be called encaustic.  Then alcohol inks are added to create depth and add more intense color to the melted wax.  In addition, where there are areas void of the encaustic wax, watercolor is used to fill in, and it leaves a contrast around the melted wax.  The wax acts as a "resist" so that the watercolor only goes where the wax is not.  By creating layers, Kimberly evokes the symbolism that our lives are full of layers and multiple journeys.   

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