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  • Natural Sugar Scrub
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Natural Sugar Scrub


Natural Sugar Scrub

Want to treat yourself to a fabulous smelling scrub that is all natural and free of chemicals?  Then your skin will love our Natural Sugar Scrub made from all natural ingredients and natural vanilla scented, as scrubs are the secret to healthy and glowing skin.  The ultra fine grain sugars used in this fresh-blended natural scrub are a treat for your senses and they pamper your skin by removing excess oils and dead skin cells resulting in softer and more healthy skin.

All Natural Ingredients

Skull Sugar is an all-natural deep, rich, brown-hued exfoliating scalp treatment created with raw sugar, brown sugar, molasses sugar, and a vanilla jojoba oil for a deep clean that smells DELICIOUS- it's a facial for your head! This treatment works to get rid of build up; your scalp naturally secretes oils and these combined with residues from cleansers, conditioners, and styling products form a hardened film that can actually cause hair loss! Skull Sugar will break down and exfoliate the build up and leave your skull pores clean and healthy - it's a facial for your scalp (a scalpucial!)

Made Fresh to Order

All sugar-based scrub varieties are vegan, sulfate & paraben free and come in an eight ounce plastic jar (by volume) with either a black or metal lid. Every scrub is blended fresh to order - just for you!  Always!  So you know you are getting a premium, high-quality HANDMADE product that is fresh the way it should be and smells amazing for a DIVINE experience! 










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