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  • Rectangular Gemstone Earrings, Multi Colored
  • Rectangular Gemstone Earrings, Multi Colored

Rectangular Gemstone Earrings, Multi Colored

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Multi-Colored Rectangular Gemstone Earrings

Delicious droplets of colorful light will fall on your gown leaving you feeling like a contemporary Princess with these rectangular gemstone earrings!  Let the purple amethyst, lime peridot, dark tanzanite and mellow citrine earrings take you to a fashionable place.  Each gem in these rectangular gemstone earrings is hand wired and added to create these lovely multi-colored clusters of gems that hang delicately from your ears to compliment most anything.  They are versatile, and can be combined with formal attire or casual to add color and spark to many outfits in your wardrobe!  Because they are also very light-weight and they pack easily, you can also take them with you anywhere your busy lifestyle takes you!  How about wearing them to a summer party, or show them off with a gown at dinner?  European vacation?  Or simply wear them to work in the city for an exotic flair!  A fantastic accouterment for any savvy, fashionable women who wants to invest in a special touch of uniqueness for her wardrobe.  Feel like a princess anytime, anywhere with these rectangular gemstone earrings!

 Handcrafted in the USA by Skilled Artisans

These rectangular gemstone earrings are lovingly and meticulously handcrafted in the USA by skilled artisans.   Created with quality from start to finish, luscious rectangular gemstone earrings of this level of detail and quality will bring your wardrobe beauty for years to come, as they are designed to last.  The creation process starts first with detailed sketches which are then carefully and intricately hand-engineered with gold, silver and semi-precious gems.  Eye-catchingly unique rectangular gemstone earrings like these are first made by hammering gold or silver into drop-shapes and then adding the "seed" gems or beads.  This particular pair is made by "weaving" the tiny amethyst, peridot, tanzanite, and citrine into the hammered gold or silver rectangles you see which creates a very "lacy" or "crocheted" effect that becomes a very intricate attribute. These rectangular gemstone earrings are designed with actual clusters of amethyst, peridot, tanzanite, and citrine gems, and they are 2-1/4" long.  Available in either 14K gold-filled, rose gold-filled, or sterling silver. This piece is entirely handmade by Calico Juno Designs in their studio in New York City.


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