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  • Sapphire Chandelier Earrings with Violet Iolite
  • Sapphire Chandelier Earrings with Violet Iolite

Sapphire Chandelier Earrings with Violet Iolite

Kashmir 34

Sapphire Chandelier Earrings with Violet Iolite Gemstones

Dark, dreamy and dramatic! These Sapphire chandelier earrings are spectacular and dripping with blue Sapphires and violet iolite droplets of light! A rare find that will surely add a rich & luxurious touch to your most treasured fabrics and wardrobe! Allow this rich find to decorate your favorite gown for a night at a chateaux in Paris, or wear them to a cocktail party in Manhattan. They are lightweight and pack easily to accommodate your lifestyle needs. Where ever or however you wear them, the Sapphire chandelier earrings will make you feel like the royalty that historically is known for revering them.

History of Sapphires

The birthstone of September, the Sapphire’s unmeasured popularity and history date back to antiquity. The majestic and captivating Sapphire, gleaming in all its celestial hues and mesmerizing light, is a gemstone thought to heighten wisdom, nobility, prophecy and Divine favor. It has been recorded to have been worn during biblical times as well as in the Middle Ages. According to folklore, Sapphires have been worn by clergy, nobility, soldiers, and others as it was thought to protect one’s loved ones from envy and harm. The name Sapphire is derived from the Latin sapphirus, Greek sappheiros, and Sanskrit sanipryam, meaning “blue stone”. Let these dark and dramatic “blue stones” of these Sapphire chandelier earrings captivate and lift you into a higher realm of beauty! You'll feel like the queens that have worn them all throughout time!

Handcrafted in the USA by Skilled Artisans

These Sapphire chandelier earrings are lovingly and meticulously handcrafted in the USA by skilled artisans. Created with quality from start to finish, Sapphire chandelier earrings of this level of detail and quality will bring your wardrobe beauty for years to come, as they are designed to last. The creation process starts first with detailed sketches which are then carefully and intricately hand-engineered with gold, silver and semi-precious gems and pearls. Sapphire chandelier earrings like these are first made by hammering gold or silver into drop-shapes and then adding the "seed" gems or beads. This particular pair is made by "weaving" the tiny sapphires and iolite gems into the shapes you see which creates a very "lacy" or "crocheted" effect which can resemble filigree and becomes a very intricate attribute.
This pair of Sapphire chandelier earrings is made specifically with traditional blue sapphires and violet iolite, and they hang around 2-3/4" long.

Available in either 14K gold-filled, rose gold-filled, or sterling silver. This piece is entirely handmade by Calico Juno Designs in their studio in New York City.

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