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Coconut Oil Candle (COCO) Features

COCO Candle Features & Shipping Information

Our COCO line is an amazing line made with delectable, rich coconut wax.  With over 80% of pure coconut wax, they may very well be have highest-level of coco oil in the world.  And what that means is that you get an absolute clean burn, with pure fragrance and light.  Once you have a COCO experience, you will never be the same, and you won't ever want to go back to an inferior experience!    

Coconut oil has various fabulous physical properties, which are quite remarkable really and the reason why we use these in our wonderful COCO candles.  Extracted from the actual fruit "nut" of coconut palm trees, coconut oil is the colorless, fatty byproduct of the nut when melted at or above 76º F.  When the temperature is at or below 75º, coconut oil is solid and white with a waxy creamy texture.  It does not smoke until it reaches 3500º F.  It is sustainable, renewable, natural, and healthy.  Read on why coconut oil was chosen for our COCO candles.   


Problems with Candle Waxes


While any kind of oil can be made into wax, it is important to find suitable oil sources for burning in candles for many reasons including not only production reasons and costs, but also for health and sustainability reasons.  In addition to this, releasing and holding fragrance is an important aesthetic reason as well!     

Paraffin wax is inexpensive and burns wells, but it is a byproduct product of the oil industry, whose byproducts product unhealthy airborne chemicals.  Palm Wax has wonderful burning properties, but has been frowned upon because of its tendency to cause deforestation.  Soy Wax burns slowly, and therefore has trouble throwing fragrances.


Benefits of Coconut Oil Candles

One wax that stands out as a superior winner in candle making, is coconut wax.  It is a wax created from a majority of ‘high-melt’ coconut oil blended with other natural waxes creating a suitable candle for burning.  Our COCO brand contains 80% of the purest coconut wax to create the cleanest burning candle. 

And considerable reasons for using coconut oil is that coconuts are highly sustainable and renewable.  Because coconut wax burns slowly and cleanly, and throws scent extremely well, it invigorates the senses uplifting the user while lasting a long time.  While coconut wax tends to be a bit more costly, because it is a healthy natural source of oil, it is worth every penny, and it makes it an ideal choice for candle making.  A summary of features are below, but we usually ship within one day. 

Coconut Candle Features 

- Featuring double Wooden "EcoŒWicks"
- 15% Fragrance Solution
- Burns clean, with minimal soot and "Œtoxins"
- Perfect for body application- Ecologically responsible coconut "Œwax" formula
- Available in black or clear glass

Shipping Information

-Shipping Time: Usually ships within 1 business day
-Burn Time: 60 Hours
-Net Weight: 9 ounces
-Dimensions: 3.0" Tall / 3.0" Diameter
-Wick Type: Organic Double-Wooden Wick
-Wax Type: Eco Green Coconut Wax