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Coconut Oil Candle (COCO) Features

COCO Candle Features & Shipping Information

Coco Candles are amazing with delectable, rich coconut wax!: 

Coconut Candle Features 

- Featuring double Wooden EcoŒWicks
- 15% Fragrance Solution
- Burns clean, with minimal soot and Œtoxins
- Perfect for body application- Ecologically responsible coconut Œwax formula
- Available in black or clear glass

-Shipping Time: Usually ships within 1 business day
-Burn Time: 60 Hours
-Net Weight: 9 ounces
-Dimensions: 3.0" Tall / 3.0" Diameter
-Wick Type: Organic Double-Wooden Wick
-Wax Type: Eco Green Coconut Wax