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Who are we at The Boutique Butterfly?

 What sets your heart free? What whispers to your inner soul? Have you found your bliss? The Boutique Butterfly was founded and inspired with the intention of bringing handmade, one-of-a-kind, artistic collectibles to all those free-spirits who seek them.

 The Boutique Butterfly online store provides a rich array of fine, handcrafted, artisan pieces in every flavor to arouse your senses, free your soul, energize your spirit, and decorate your life. Merchandise currently includes jewelry, heavenly candles, relaxation products, and luscious homemade bath and body products, but we will soon include fine art, home and garden decor, and greeting cards. All products are handmade, soul-energizing, and lovingly made or manufactured in America using natural ingredients when available. The energy and integrity of the products and their ingredients will change your perceptions about shopping, decorating and living.

So free your soul and follow your bliss because butterflies are always free to fly...