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The Birthstone for Pisces and the month of February, Amethyst has long been a prized gem for centuries, and it is a type of violet quartz crystal.   The lovely violet gemstone is included in royal collections all over the world, from ancient Egypt and Greece, to the British crown jewels.  Amethysts have long been cherished for their spectacular color and radiance, and they have historically been revered by royalty, clergy, and nobility.  Allow a pair of amethyst earrings to make you feel like royalty too!


Apatite is named from the Greek word apate, which means "deceit", since Apatite resembles so many other minerals.  It can have a luscious aqua color, which is why it is thought to stimulate thoughts, ideas, and creativity.  Feel a creative wave with lovely aqua apatite earrings!


Birthstone for March and Scorpio, the Aquamarine has long been known for endowing the wearer with foresight, courage, and happiness.  Historically in legends, the sea-green Aquamarine has been thought to protect those who journey by sea.  But the wearer of these lovely stones looks lovely with the Aquamarine’s sparkling flecks of light that shimmer in waves of sea-toned blue.  Allow a pair of Aquamarine earrings float your spirit away to a refreshing place!

Blue Topaz

Birthstone of Sagittarius, Topaz is a very interesting stone with a rich background & history.  There are various shades of blue Topaz, based upon their intensity of blue color such as Sky Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz and London Blue Topaz.  While "Sky Blue Topaz" is typically the lightest shade and London Blue distinguishes the darker varieties, "Swiss Blue" is often the most in demand and preferred due to its brighter and more graceful color.  Blue Topaz is thought to inspire and uplift ones spirit promoting truth, honesty, openness and forgiveness.  Whatever the meaning to you, you will look and feel absolutely stunning in a pair of Blue Topaz earrings!


Citrine is a yellow version of Quartz, and is only second to Amethyst in popularity and value in the Quartz group.  To find Citrine in natural form is very rare, as most natural Amethyst found, when heat treated, turns yellow into Citrine.  It is highly sought in jewelry because of its lovely radiant yellow color.  During the Hellenistic age in Ancient Greece,  Citrine was wildly popular for its beautiful color, as it was found used in the ancient jewelry.  Feel the warmth and beauty with a pair of Citrine earrings!


Red Garnets

Birthstone of January and Aquarius, the Garnet is in a group of silicate minerals that have been used since the Bronze Age as gemstones.  The Garnet’s deep red is symbolic and it has been known as the stone of love, compassion and friendship.  It represents the passions of the heart, and the courage to follow your passions.  Many believe the Garnet will stimulate the senses, and increase one’s vitality and stamina as well.  Let a pair of rich deep Garnet Chandelier Earrings give you a new passion for life and stimulate your very own senses!

Mandarin Orange Garnets

Where does this treasured gem come from?  A fiery sunset over the Savannah in Africa eloquently describes not only the Mandarin Garnet’s fervent color, but also its birthplace of origin, yet it was only discovered just over ten years ago.  Treasured for is amazing color, mandarin garnets are special indeed.  Orange symbolizes the ever changing rhythm of life, individuality and a desire to take risks.   Birthstone of January, a person who wears orange is fully self-aware and confident, and who is not afraid of being noticed.  Unmistakably, it is a color seized by those with a strong sense of self and who are not afraid to show it.  Allow a pair of lovely mandarin orange garnet earrings bring out your confidence and individuality.  You will get noticed!

Green Garnets

Green Garnets contain a wide assortment of variants including Tsavorite the Andradite.  Since green is closely associated with the chakras of the solar plexus and thus closely connected with the heart, the Green Garnet has been thought to be a "heart stone."  Many believe Green Garnet is to be a stone which increases confidence and emotional well being.  Many believe Green Garnets are thought to improve fertility and create a spirit of service.  Tempt your heart with a pair of Green Garnet Earrings.    


Like a crisp, indigo twilight sky, Iolite, in oscillating shades of indigo and violet-blue holds the spirit that dreams are made of!  Iolite has long been thought to inspire journey, intuition, illumination, discovery and imagination, helping you to live the life of your dreams!  Iolite's name comes from the Greek "ios", meaning “violet”, and is the gem version of the mineral Cordierite.  Iolite has had a long history, known even in the time of the Ancient Greeks.  Allow a pair of beautiful blue violet crystal iolite earrings to stimulate your imagination and take your on a journey that inspires your soul!

Lemon Quartz

Lemon Quartz is a lemony yellow form of quartz that is mined in Brazil, but available in many areas.  The rich yellow color of lemon quartz is truly dazzling, as it radiates warm light all over a room.  As an alternate birthstone for February, Lemon Quartz is thought to stimulate a clear and bright outlook helping one to reach goals.  Stunning and very refreshing to wear, lemon quartz earrings are bright and cheery to brighten your outlook and your wardrobe!

London Blue Quartz/Topaz

London Blue Quartz, properly termed "London Blue Topaz," is the Birthstone of Sagittarius, and a very interesting stone with a rich background & history.  There are various shades of Blue Topaz, based upon their intensity of blue color such as Sky Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz and London Blue Topaz.  While "Sky Blue Topaz" is typically the lightest shade and London Blue distinguishes the darker varieties, "Swiss Blue" is often the most in demand and preferred due to its brighter and more graceful color.  Blue Topaz is thought to inspire and uplift ones spirit promoting truth, honesty, openness and forgiveness.  Whatever the meaning to you, you will look and feel absolutely stunning with these earrings of Aquamarines and London Blue Topaz!  Allow a pair of London Blue Quartz earrings to wash away your worries as they float your senses away to a beautiful place!


Moonstones have graced our planet for nearly two-thousand years, and many cultures have embraced their beauty!  The Romans and Greeks associated Moonstone with gods!  They have been seen for thousands of years in Asia as well.  In France, during the Art Nouveau period, artists incorporated Moonstone into their many, now famous creations!  Let these Moonstone earrings become a lovely and timeless piece in your wardrobe as well!


Considered a symbol of sophistication and class for thousands of years, pearls have long be revered and still are beloved for their extraordinary natural beauty, shape, and luster.  We use several different classes of cultured pearls in our fabulous contemporary pearl and crystal earrings made with gold-filled findings, and we also use sterling silver and rose-gold filled findings for a variety of selection.

Pearls have traveled the millennia due to their natural rare beauty and have been recorded as far back as 5000 BC in areas of the Middle East.  Historically, pearls were harvested predominantly from the Persian Gulf and Sri Lanka, but fresh water pearls were also found to be used in Europe.  Columbus was the first to discover these amazing treasures as far west as South America, but naturally found pearls today are quite rare and extremely expensive.  In modern times, pearls are typically “cultured” in farms, but creating matching “high-end” pearl necklaces is still a pricey process.

Keshi Pearls

These lovely kind of pearls are second generation pearls originating from cavities where the first generation pearls once grew. They are completely free-form and are the closest Cultured Pearl equivalent to Natural Pearls.  It is impossible to determine whether they actually occurred in nature, or if they were manually inserted.  Therefore, all Keshi pearls are considered "Cultured".  But it is their lovely irregular oblong shape and ultra-high luster that makes them unique and very popular.  Explore your wardrobe possibilities with these dazzling black pearl dangle earrings.


Birthstone for August, the fresh green color of the Peridot is one of its most unique feature, and it is the gem form of the mineral olivine.  The luminous green gem is the result of iron met with great heat & pressure, so it therefore resides in rocks originating from volcanoes and also occasionally from meteors.  Historically, ancient Romans named it the "evening emerald" because its green color was especially vivid in the evening candlelight, resembling the likes of deep green emeralds.  Peridot is known as a stone for prosperity and happiness.  Let a pair of gorgeous green peridot earrings bring you happiness by gracing you with the looks of a royalty!


Birthstone of July, rubies are “corundum” gemstones which are often pink to deep red “pigeon’s blood” in color.  As a “corundum” mineral, rubies get their lovely color primarily from the element chromium.  Corundum varieties also include diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires, and are considered the four “precious stones.”  Although rubies are usually more pink than garnets, the “rhodolite” garnets resemble the pink tones of the ruby.

Rubies are often coveted for their red color, and a deeper, richer color often brings a higher price.  In fact, rubies are often ranked in with the same four “C’s” of a diamond: color, clarity, cut, and carat.

The ruby is a high energy stone which is used to amplify one’s energy and increase “chi” also known as life force.  Many believe rubies augment physical healing for this reason.  Many leaders and high-powered people throughout history have worn rubies, believing that they are associated with leadership strength, prosperity and wealth.  They are said to also bring a sense of adventurer to the wearer.  Grab a pair of ours to feel the light!


Blue Sapphires

The birthstone of September, the Sapphire’s unmeasured popularity and history date back to antiquity.  The majestic and captivating Sapphire,  gleaming in all its celestial hues and mesmerizing light, is a gemstone thought to heighten wisdom, nobility, prophecy and Divine favor.  It has been recorded to have been worn during biblical times as well as in the Middle Ages.  According to folklore, Sapphires have been worn by clergy, nobility, soldiers, and others as it was thought to protect one’s loved ones from envy and harm.  The name Sapphire is derived from the Latin sapphirus, Greek sappheiros, and Sanskrit sanipryam, meaning “blue stone”.  Let a pair of dark and dramatic “blue stone” Sapphire chandelier earrings captivate and lift you into a higher realm of beauty!  You'll feel like the queens that have worn them all throughout time! 

Orange Sapphires

Orange Sapphire gets its color from trace elements of chromium and iron in its formation, and ranges in color from pale orange to a vivid reddish-orange, and can even have brownish tints.  It has recently gained notoriety for its rarity and beautiful fashion color. They are mined in limited quantities, so the vast majority of them are considered valuable.  Orange Sapphires are thought to stimulate love and creativity.  Let the light of a pair of delicious orange sapphire earrings fill your wardrobe with creative ideas that YOU love!


Birthstone of December,Tanzanite, is a gemstone of blue Zoisite, and has prismatic properties shifting color from deep ultramarine blue into deep blue violet.  The gemstone was named after its place of origin, Tanzania, and it was dubbed the gemstone of the 20th century by Tiffany and Co., who brought the luscious gem into the limelight with fabulous pieces.   Tanzanite is relatively rare and costly since it is only found in one place in the world.  It is known for its calming and soothing properties, and has been thought to to promote clarity. See how your vision enlarges as you feel like a princess when you discover the allure of earrings made with rare tanzanite!


Tourmaline is a group of several closely related minerals grouped together appearing like one mineral, and each tourmaline stone may exhibit many colors of the rainbow.  This multi-colored mineral occurs in every color of the spectrum, and each stone is unique, making it a favorite of gemstone collectors.  Let a pair of highly unique and beautiful multi-colored tourmaline earrings add dimension and a unique flair to your wardrobe.


Turquoise, in its finest form, is rare and valuable, and it has been coveted and prized by kings, shaman, nobility, and soldiers for centuries, even appearing as far back as 5000 BC.  It is perhaps the oldest gemstone in the history of man, embraced by many civilizations, and often times considered sacred.  It has a tranquil color that is soothing and lovely and it has been used for many purposes throughout time and history for physical, metaphorical, and spiritual purposes.  It has also been thought to possess powers of protection and healing.  Allow a pair of Turquoise Earrings to revive and heal your spirit and bring your wardrobe a breathe of tranquility!