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  • Bath and Body Shower Gel, "Local Brew"

Bath and Body Shower Gel, "Local Brew"


Bath and Body Shower Gel, "Local Brew"

Our Bath and Body Shower Gel, Jelly Cleanser is a wiggly jiggly cleansing experience that is blended with locally brewed Bold City Brewery Beers, Vagabond Coffee, San Sebastian Wine, and real Champagne! 

It’s like J-E-L… oh you get the idea! This is fantastic for body and hair, and you will not get enough of it! This product is also great for kids – because what kid would turn down the chance to smoosh jelly in their hair? And it's safe for everyone because it's free of sulfates, parabens, and propylene glycol.  This unique product can be stored in your bathroom, or you can keep it in the refrigerator, and even blast chill it for a few minutes in your freezer prior to bathing, for an invigorating and chilling clean – imagine it after a strenuous workout or run!


Made with Natural Ingredients, Including Local Beer, Wine, Champage and Coffee

Why on earth would anyone want to make bath & body products out of beer, coffee, wine & champagne? It's simple, really...

Beer is long heralded for its moisturizing powers. Ever hear the old wives tale that if you can condition your hair with beer?  Don't believe it? Google it. Coffee is excellent for tightening and toning skin. Caffeine is a major ingredient in most commercial firming and cellulite creams. And wine and champagne grapes are filled with antioxidants that are great for skin & hair!  So there you have it - not only is it nifty, but it serves a real benefit for healthy hair & skin as well!

After numerous requests for even more organic ingredients, we are now announcing that this is a new and improved organic formula! This new luxurious formula is blended from a base of coconut oil cleansers infused with aloe vera, shea butter, grapefruit seed extract, as well as organic extracts of sunflower, linseed, pomegranate, olive, seaweed, coffee and green teas for an even more skin nourishing cleansing experience. Pure and natural seaweed extracts work to moisturize and soften skin and hair. 

Exfoliating shower gloves (we offer them for just a little extra) or a bath puff will help you better manage your wiggly cleanser and maximize the fun, scrub, and bubbles. Packaged in a plastic tub and weighing approximately thirteen ounces, this product is available in six different varieties.

Every tub of Jelly Cleanser is a vegan product and is blended fresh to order – just for you!

*Suggestion for ultimate enjoyment - put on shower gloves and get them wet, take the lid off the tub and carefully tilt it to the side to dispense a small amount of product into your gloved palm (about the size of a mandarin orange segment), replace lid, rub hands together vigorously to create a rich lather, scrub-a-dub-dub, and rinse!

Six Fabulous Varieties:

Beer Jelly - blended with Bold City Brewery Duke's Cold Nose Brown Ale, this jiggly treat smells like a spiced oatmeal cookie 

Beach'd Ale Jelly - blended with Bold City Brewery Killer Whale Cream Ale, this wiggly wonder is finished with a bright & beachy citrus oil and reminds me of a beer finished with an orange wedge (and makes me want to frolic in the sand & surf)

MagnIPAcent Jelly - blended with Bold City Brewery Mad Manatee IPA, this bright jelly is finished with a clean pink grapefruit oil to complement the citrus hops of the IPA

Coffee Jelly - blended with Vagabond Coffee, this shivering tub smells like your favorite piping hot cup of rich coffee 

Wine Jelly - blended with San Sebastian Vintners White, this wiggly cleanser smells as complex as a glass of wine with hints of grape, peach, grapefruit and even oak

Champagne Jelly - blended with real champagne so you can celebrate your skin & hair, this jiggly masterpiece smells as effervescent and bubbly as the libation it's crafted with!

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