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Chandelier Gemstone Earrings Customizable


Chandelier Gemstone Earrings with Customizable Gems "Kashmir #29"

A princess bride, Cleopatra, or and Indian goddess...which one fits you? As if these were designed for royalty, these stunning chandelier gemstone earrings will take your breath away! Because the finest semi-precious gems are used, which you can design, you can wear these to the opera in a flowing bias-cut gown, or to a fun day in the convertible around LA. Lightweight enough to wear to all your memorable events here and abroad. Can you say, "I wore these in Paris?" These chandelier gemstone earrings are a tremendous value and will add sophistication to your high-end fashions for years to come!

Handcrafted in the USA by Skilled Artisans

These chandelier gemstone earrings are lovingly and meticulously handcrafted in the USA by skilled artisans. Created with quality from start to finish, gorgeous chandelier gemstone earrings of this level of detail and quality will bring your wardrobe beauty for years to come. The creation process starts first with detailed sketches which are then carefully and intricately hand-engineered with gold, silver and semi-precious gems and pearls. Chandelier gemstone earrings like these are first made by hammering gold or silver into drop-shapes and then adding the "seed" gems or beads. This particular pair is made by "weaving" the tiny gems of your choice into the shape you see which creates a very "lacy" or "crocheted" effect which can resemble filigree and becomes a very intricate attribute.
These chandelier gemstone earrings are customizable with your choice of rondelle dangling on the filagree chandelier circles. Your choice of stones includes but is not limited to the following chart, and they hang around 2 3.4" long. (tanzanite, black spinel, blues/purple gem mix, and apatite shown)

Available in either 14K gold-filled, rose gold-filled, or sterling silver. This piece is entirely handmade by Calico Juno Designs in their studio in New York City. (SEE COLOR CHART BELOW)


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