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"Summer Tuscan Hills" Painting


Landscapes Collection "Summer Tuscan Hills"

Title:  Summer Tuscan Hills

24"x30" Acrylic Mixed Media on Thick Canvas

Artist:  Kimberly J. Franklin


About "Summer Tuscan Hills"

Inspired by the vivid colors and rolling hills of Europe, this "Summer Tuscan Hills" painting is luscious, flowing and a burst of color and texture for anybody's home, office or studio.  Impactful and unique, Kim utilized the mixed media combination of acrylic paints, mediums, and tissue paper.  Kim started by adhering tissue paper to the canvas in patterns consistent with her painting plan.  The glossy medium creates even more translucency and enhances the colors of the tissue paper making them look watery and ethereal.  Then, after the tissue paper has dried, Kim then works the acrylic in blending into a sensational symphony of color & shape.  This painting will take you straight to a summer evening in Italy drinking wine at a late summer dinner.   


Artist's Statement

Life is a journey with many bends, curves, twists and turns.  It can be amazing and wonderful, and it can be dark.  But when we learn to step back, we learn that it is indeed the journey that we need to relish.  If we take the time to appreciate every curve and every curve ball, the amazing times become even more amazing filled with textures, color, excitement and depth.  It is these colors, textures, and twists that Kimberly reveals in her paintings.  Her use of luminous oil color paints a pictures that makes us want to take our time, sip the wine, and savor every morsel of life's every-changing journey.   

Artist's Biography

Kimberly Tracy (Franklin) was always mesmerized by color and creativity since her early childhood, and she was always creating something whether it be costumes to handmade books and drawings, as expression was her first language.  

During college in New Mexico, Kimberly's studies of Biology and Chemistry fascinated her as she became particularly enamored with the intricate, pattern-filled cellular structures under a microscope, all throughout nature, and forms within the human body.  The lovely surroundings of the dry yet colorful deserts of the area also captivated her, as did the work of artists from that region like Georgia O' Keeffe.  She feel in love with Georgia's folded flowers, sumptuous undulating landscapes, bending hills, and splendid color and light.  After taking several art courses, Kimberly's love of art inspirations and the patterns and forms from Biology began to be articulated in her artwork.

Flowing, colorful, decorative and ethereal, Kim Franklin's work conveys a sensation of life.  The ebb and flow of life from landscape to ocean has shaped her artistic language and vision.  In her own worlds, "these rich experiences and relics have found their way into my dreams and onto my canvases."  

"May these paintings transform you as much as they have transformed me."

Kimberly J. Franklin      


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